May 7, 2013

A safari

A safari quilt, again! and I know already, I'll make it with two applications: a zebra and a giraffe.
I love these animals!
Starting with the same process: buying some fabrics, find inspiration and develop ideas, set the space for sewing and unset it - still my dining room is my sewing studio.
And I must say, always is a time when I want all and nothing in a new quilt...I hate that time: it's hard to choose and it takes me precious time to decide what is good, and appropriate, and can give me the good feeling that I'll cut my fabrics for the best result, in the best way possible! Uh!

It's so nice how that print shows the mane!
And for the giraffe, first I wanted her big, soft eyes, opened, but after a while, I find it sweet to make her eyes closed, with long eyelashes, showing ( somehow) a relaxed and pleased animal, for being on my quilt!
This quilt was completed three years ago, in late April.
Since then, it was handquilted and used often, having now a vintage look!
Until next time, happy sewing, my friends!