September 7, 2012

Spooky Stitched Squares

    It was helpful at the beginning to use sketches. They were more then two, but I liked the last one, with applications.
    I still get excited when I have to choose a layout, few fabrics and ...everything else I need to make a quilt!
 The fabrics, this new, amazing, rottary cutter, the ruler, my table on my dinning room...
I remember how I use to use this table...getting everything I needed there, for sewing, and clean up everything after, to eat with family or for any homework "we" had to do. 
 A lot to learn! but the first blocks are ready!!! At that time I was looking for quilting books, pictures, blogs, tutorials, any information about how to make a quilt.  
We didn't have to much space but a quilt can get everywhere. 
Now, the applications: I've made the patterns and use fusible interfacing for all the images, to attache them on the blocks. (now I don't use this method!!)
I like and I need a "Jack O' Lantern Joe" pumpkin application:
 ...a witch magic hat... 
 Couldn't wait to put all this together, to see a little advance on my quilt. 
 After that, follow the design, and make a cute ghost.... 
 ...a scary scared cat! 
 I used a zig-zag stitch to apply them all, and not an applique stitch. My first sewing machine didn't have that stitch!  
 Sandwich done!! 
 Next: basting, pinned, binding applied with the classic method. 
I think it looks pretty much the same with what I imagined.
 Well, this one was made for my old daughter Mihaela, her first Halloween quilt. I'm so glad she loves it!
 Happy sewing!!