August 29, 2012

"Do you want a pillow or a quilt?"...

- "A QUILT!!!" young daughter answered me, when I asked her: "You want me to make you a pillow or a quilt?"
I had two panels with the very well known cartoon character, SpongeBob Squarepants. Wonderful printed, nice colors!

A quilt then...
I had to do a sketch, for me, to know how it will look, and also for her, much easy to see how her future quilt will be. 
She even made some changes, that I've followed of course; for example she removed the border with those triangles. First I wanted to do something similar with my second quilt, a border with red triangles. It seems more difficult, but the change she made, actually saved me from a lot of work!
 Having the tools and all the fabrics...I was ready to start!
 First block...."Bubbles Time", bubbles to be....
The second one....and the rest...

 All these blocks are pretty big, but this was her choice, too...
Well, is ready to bind, ready for handquilting.
 Oh, but where is my quilt? A... Now I can see someone already using it!
  There she is, already sleeping! Cozy thing. What a good quilt!  
 In that folder, with this quilt pictures, I found some of my old daughter's drawings. All of them seem to me quite good. First one, was a project for school, the second one, some characters she love. 
She improved her drawing a lot, since then.

 We were both at the beginning....
 Happy sewing!!

August 21, 2012

Cats on a blue field

My third quilt is the one I like the most: I love the fabrics and the prints, the handquilting and the size, too: 65 x 75 inches.

It looks old already.
There is always a real battle for it when we are sitting on the couches...
I love it!!

Happy sewing!

August 20, 2012

A quilt for George

At the beginning of the 2009, we had the honour to be Maya's Godparents, on January 24.
That's why, even I was just starting to learn about quilts, and make one, I've decided to give her my first quilt.
I've thought it will be nice to make one, like a present, for Maya's brother, George.
I was inspired by a beautiful quilt, "Tiny Tots", from here. You can see the magazine on my table...
Well, I know, I didn't started easy...because I always welcome a challenge.

Finished right in time....
Happy sewing!

August 19, 2012

The first one...

...from 4 fabrics! ...lovely prints, for kids.
Oh, the wonderful scent of a cotton fabric...also, wonderful to touch it!!

Happy sewing!